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There’s #NoExcuse for sexual harassment: Find out about the new EUSA campaign

There are lots of opportunities to get involved

Walking around campus this term, you may have noticed the latest influx of posters promoting awareness on how to tackle sexual harassment on campus. The launch of the university's latest campaign on tacking sexual harassment encourages staff and students alike to take collective responsibility for ending sexual violence on campus.

Through events and outreach programmes, the #NoExcuse campaign, made with and for students, provides support for victims of sexual harassment, and equips witnesses with the confidence to challenge it.

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Opportunities to get involved with #NoExcuse expanded last week through the launch of "Get Involved with #NoExcuse". Esme Allman, EUSA Women's Officer, shared her own thoughts on the ever-gaining momentum of the campaign: "Last week the #NoExcuse campaign expanded its reach with a session that had many students in attendance. We had over 60 students from across the university collaborate ideas on how to create a stronger and more far-reaching campaign.

"The #NoExcuse campaign aims to demonstrate the no tolerance stance on sexual harassment on campus as well as a no tolerance stance on normalised language surrounding sexual harassment. Everyone – staff and students, University and Students' Association – should support the campaign."

If you want to get involved with the campaign yourself, visit the website – you can run your own event and engage in a dialogue about ending sexual harassment with the people around you, as well as sign up to the mailing list to find more about future student events and projects to get involved with.