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We went on TripAdvisor to see what people actually think of the University of Edinburgh

‘Try to avoid 95 per cent of the mostly over-privileged students’

The University of Edinburgh gets mixed reviews, thriving academically, but ranking notoriously low in terms of student satisfaction.

We wanted to see what other people, aside from students, actually thought about the University of Edinburgh when they visited – so turned to TripAdvisor to read through some of the reviews that people have left after visiting the university.

George Square

We started off at the heart of the university, with George Square. There was talk of the high number of over-privileged students, the monstrous architecture, by the likes of Appleton Tower, and just how unremarkable the University of Edinburgh's first impression was as a whole.

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Wise words from Mr. Scott Land

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That's funny, because the university's motto actually translates to 'Large, old, mixed'

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Get some history Edinburgh, the Castle alone won't cut it


For us students, Teviot is a prime hang out spot. The pints are cheap(ish) and the nachos are banging. What's not to like? Well, according to the reviewers of TripAdvisor, there's quite a lot to dislike. The reviews don't exactly rave about the food, and the prices didn't go down all too well with some of Teviot's visitors either.

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Cheap food, lots of students, sounds like a Students' Union

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We need more side salad

That's one unhappy leech31777561

Pollock Halls

This is an interesting one. It surprised us when we saw that one of the halls of residence had actually been reviewed on TripAdvisor, but it's probably quite helpful for those who are applying for places to live when moving to Edinburgh. It turns out that Chancellor's Court is advertised as a three star hotel when the students aren't inhabiting it.

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Savage if you're one of the security staff

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They won't be following Court on Instagram

The Meadows

This is where the Edinburgh Uni stereotypes really come out to play. It turns out that acoustic guitars, tightropers and interpretative dance aren't everyone's cup of tea.

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Edinburgh in a nutshell

Overall, the University of Edinburgh was rated 108 out of a whopping 463 things to do in the city. It trails behind what can only be described as the city's more unique attractions. Yes, the people of TripAdvisor actually rank Edinburgh Trams higher than the university. Make of that what you will.

The obvious winner

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Better than Teviot nachos, really?

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We'd be better off spending four years on the tram it seems

Beautiful, to be fair

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