Edinburgh ranks as the third worst uni in Britain for student satisfaction

At least we’ll always have Teviot nachos

The Complete University Guide rankings are out and Edinburgh  placed 23rd, dropping four spots from last year. Regulars in the top five such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial were joined by our Scottish rivals, St Andrews.

Edinburgh ranked in the top 25 unis

The fall in overall rankings can be attributed to ranking 77th in the UK for Graduate Prospects (well we’re fucked then) and in a result that will surprise no one, Edinburgh ranked third to last in terms of student satisfaction. It appears the university is behind other institutions such as Manchester and Leeds in innovations i.e. the library only just being made 24 hour accessible.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Edi achieved a number of successes such as placing in the top ten for; the average entry requirement, research quality, student to staff ratio and ‘good honours.’

So, who cares  if we have to pay for printer credits? You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re among some of the cleverest people in the world, are getting great attention from your staff and a whopping 86 per cent of us will graduate with a 2:1 or above (phew).

And before our dethroners get too cocky, we’re still 27th in the world.