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French rugby team temporarily stopped from boarding plane to answer police questions about an incident on George Street last night

Reports have claimed their involvement in an alleged sexual assault and a brawl with fans

The French Rugby team, in Edinburgh after their close 32-26 loss to Scotland yesterday, were removed from their flight this morning to speak to Scottish police.

According to the BBC, a report of sexual assault was made early on Monday morning.

Elsewhere, Le Parisien suggests that star number eight Louis Picamoles was one of the seven taken off the plane by Scottish police. The French rugby site Rugbyrama has also reported that Teddy Thomas, one of the best players so far in this year's Six Nations, was refused entry to the plane. The site claims that the players were involved in a brawl outside Tigerlily in the early hours of Monday morning.

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Teddy Thomas, pictured here celebrating a try, was apparently refused entry to the flight.

In a statement made this afternoon, Police Scotland confirmed that no arrests were made. It said: "Following an initial report of sexual assault in Edinburgh city centre during the early hours of Monday 12 February, police conducted various lines of inquiry, including speaking to a number of potential witnesses.

"These inquiries have established that no crime has been committed."