Clubbers of the Week

St Patrick would be proud

St Patrick’s day, end of deadlines and only a couple of weeks of the semester to go. Looks like you had a lot to celebrate.

Just don’t think about how soon exams are.

Stunners of the Week

Runners Up

Creeper of the Week

Imagine meeting him in a dark alleyway

Runners Up

Wanker of the Week

potential wankers of the year contenders

Runners Up

and again

This is how I imagine the singer of Wheatus looks like

Heroine of the Week

Hero of the Week

Runners Up

Hi there!

Everybody in love, go put your hands up

keep doing what you’re doing

WTFs of the Week

hmmm tasty



Mutant of the Week

Runners Up

Protect that drink

Album Covers of the Week

El Presidente

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week

omg he’s read my message but not replied

Runners Up

Cheer up

Best of the Rest

Photography Credits:

Flare Mondays

Alibi-Martin Vesselinov

Creme Soda, Rascals- David Wilkinson// Empiracle

JuJu, Fly- James Gourlay

Hector’s House – Ben Glasgow

Propaganda- Dogberry Photo

Frat- Charlie Parker

University of Edinburgh

The Tab Edinburgh

last seen today at 01:29

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