BNOC of the Year – Heat Two

Let your voice be heard

Things are hotting up.

Robbie Travers, Second Year, Law

Social media warrior who was well known by his year before he even arrived in Edinburgh due to his constant presence on the Fresher Pages. He had a brief appearance on the BBC last year to give his opinion on the Syria airstrikes and even created a ‘Public Figure’ page for himself on Facebook. Robbie regularly tells the world about his political opinions on various social networks and is one of the most recognisable figures around campus.

Flynn Le Brocq, Second Year, Music

More like Flynn Le BNOC

One of the busiest students at the uni, Flynn is part of the EU Chamber Choir, EUMS Chorus as well as producing Edinburgh Studio Opera’s production of Carmen and Footlights’ Guys and Dolls. He can be seen around George Square handing out fliers on a regular basis.

Linzi Peters, Third Year, Geography

mad skills

Linzi is the secretary of a new makeup and special effects society. Notorious for hosting mad parties as well as being a Hive regular. PRs to pretty much every club at Edinburgh so can always get you VIP entry.

Hannah Campbell, Fourth Year, French & Spanish

Last Christmas, Hannah helped organise the biggest ski trip that Edinburgh has ever had. She was instrumental in the decision to fly the Big Cheese DJs out to the trip so they could host a ‘Grande Fromage’.