In case you didn’t know, it’s a bit windy

The return of Hurricane Bawbag

We’re braved it across the Meadows and into the library, it really is stormy out there.

Across Scotland, crazy winds are blowing and Edinburgh and the Lothians are seeing the worst of it.

The police are directing people away from the Meadows

All Scottish train services have been suspended until future notice and 40,000 homes have been left without power because of the high winds.

The Meadows’ paths are shut off for both cars and pedestrians after trees were blown onto the walkways and a 61 year old man was admitted to hospital after a tree fell on him last night.

A tree was blown onto Jawbone Walk

Glasgow Central station has been evacuated and the Forth Road Bridge has been closed.

The Met Office have issued a stage four “red” travel warning, advising people against travelling.

The wind is meant to drop this afternoon. We say this is a definite duvet day!