25 of the best Twitter responses to THAT Dominic Cummings Durham trip

He really dared to take the trip we’re all desperate to

This week, senior adviser to Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings has incensed the nation after it emerged he was spotted in Durham at the end of March, at the height of the Government’s lockdown restrictions. He is said to have taken the 260 mile journey from London to visit his parents’ County Durham estate.

Joke though we may about whether he had gone there to visit Klute, or perhaps check up on the Billy B now that we’re all gone, the move has been heavily criticised for its hypocrisy. Many have pointed out that the general public, in adhering to guidelines, have missed out on important moments with their family, and that Cummings should be punished, even dismissed from his job, for seemingly flouting the rules in order to visit his.

Things didn’t get much better this afternoon, when Boris Johnson chose to defend Cummings, for following his “instincts” and doing what was best for his family.

Once we throw in a rogue (and now deleted) Tweet from the UK Civil Service about a certain set of “truth twisters”, it is clear that the Internet is airing its frustrations at Cummings in one of the best ways it knows how: passive aggressive Tweets designed to absolutely roast him.

We rounded up 25 of the best Twitter responses to the Cummings situation, just to provide a little more Durham content to fill the gaping uni hole in our lives right now. Enjoy.

1. Too soon?

And of course, this revelation which emerged in the responses. Classic Durham Union.

2. This acknowledgement of the oh-so-beautiful Durham architecture

3. Near, far, wherever you, Mr Dominic Cummings, are…

4. I mean, yeah, obviously

5. Nothing to see here x

6. Essentials only!


8. I heard it on the Coronavirus Daily Briefing and then again in a message my Mum’s friend forwarded on WhatsApp, so it MUST be true

9. Isn’t it funny how things work out?

10. I’ll be back in five minutes xx

11. When lockdown ends, I will be the moth, and the lamp will be a Wiff Waff Monday

12. I’m pretty sure this is what people mean when they advise we wear masks to protect ourselves. Like, 99% certain.

13. Quick! I think they’re onto us! Oh god. Just say anything.

14. After THAT Tweet from the UK Civil Service.

15. This is what Boris meant in his update last week, right? DH1, here I come…

16. Yep, this diagram proves it.

17. We have the worst nightclub in Durham, we don’t really need the added publicity. But ok sure, we’ll take it.

18. Great concert. Can’t wait for the next album to come out.

19. Hi! Just stopping by! And I’ve brought you guys a gift! I’m showing symptoms, would you like them too?

20. Naughty naughty x

21. Wow, the north? You’re just like a Durham student on their gap yah really, Cummings, aren’t you?

22. Act casual, nothing to see here…

23. Oh.

24. Thanks Durham Constabulary x

25. And finally, I feel you, Jack, I feel you…