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Players Bar isn’t actually closing down

It was all just a big rumour

Players Bar isn't actually closing down, The Durham Tab can reveal, despite rumours that have been circulating for weeks saying that it is.

It turns out the club is actually performing very well, with no sign of it closing its doors any time soon.

The rumour, said to have been started by two ex-Players employees, has got students asking whether the club is actually going to be gone for good. Players manager Shaun told The Durham Tab: "We had so many people asking us if the club is closing, and why it's closing, but it's just not true."

"The rumours have been falsely spread by two former employees that our venue is closing. To be totally crystal clear that is absolutely not the case.

"Players Durham has performed very well in its first year of trade, ahead of target and we welcome the 2019/2020 students this year. We have a 15 year lease so we will be welcoming many more years of students to Durham over the coming years."

With 15 more years of Players to look forward to, it turns out Durham students have absolutely nothing to worry about.