Durham Uni achieves 19 subjects in the top 100 QS World Subject Rankings 2024

Here’s some good news if you’re an Archeology, Classics or Theology student


Durham University has featured in the top 100 of the QS World Subject Rankings 2024 in 19 subjects.

The QS World Rankings by Subject, released this week, show Durham’s performance on the world’s academic stage, with varying improvements and declines in rankings for respective subjects. The rankings include 1,559 Universities worldwide, and 55 individual subjects.

In terms of arts and humanities, Durham University ranked this year at 42nd worldwide, a decline on last year (2023), where Durham ranked 32nd. For engineering and technology, Durham ranked this year at 290th worldwide, an improvement on last year, where Durham University ranked 319th for the subject area.

Thirdly, Durham University ranked 92nd this year for earth sciences, another decline on last year’s ranking of 74th worldwide.

The trend of humanities success for Durham University in the worldwide rankings continues with the three top 10 achieving subjects being: Archeology (ranking joint 5th), classics and ancient history (ranking 6th), and theology and religion (ranking 7th).

Moreover, Durham University achieved seven further subjects ranking in the world top 50: Geography (ranking 16th), anthropology (ranking 28th), English studies (ranking  29th), philosophy (ranking 29th), history (ranking 42nd), earth sciences (ranking joint 48th) and law (ranking 48th).

Commenting on the QS World University Rankings by Subject, chancellor and warden, Karen O’Brien, said: “Our research is innovative and impactful, informing the high-quality education we deliver to all our students, as well as transforming lives and making a difference, globally and locally.”

For the non-subject specific QS University rankings released prior to these results, Durham University ranked as a university, 78th in the world, an improvement on the previous year’s result where the university ranked at 92nd. In terms of the UK universities, Durham ranked this year at 13th in the country, as opposed to its 15th place ranking of the year before.

Durham University ranks at 50th in the world in 2024 for employer reputation with a score of 89.3 out of 100, yet with an employability outcome ranking of 274th in the world and score of only 29.2 out of 100 – meaning though Durham has an excellent reputation with employers, Durham students do not appear to be securing jobs after graduating.

For academic reputation, Durham ranks at 124th in the world in 2024, an advance on last year’s ranking of 125th in the world.

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