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Can Durham’s scene keep up with these Clubbers of the Week?

FIXR’s been on fire

It's fair to say that everyone is beginning to flag this term. But there's something to celebrate! Not only are we now over half-way through Michaelmas, but these Clubbers of the Week aren't letting it get to them.

Most obviously darts

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Shit shirts… original uniform (Ed Rees Photography)

Best stank face

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A rare sight to Durham

Best club outfit

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Kink society is the other way…

Best looking Shrek… ever after

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Get out of ma swamp

Kinkiest clubbers

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Lock 'em up!

Movember or No-vember

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Charitable gesture going beyond itself here (Mateusz Jaworski Durham Photographer)

Wotsits or awful spray tan?

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Both of the above?

Death stare or resting bitch face?

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You decide

Best environmentalists

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Bill and Ben the flower pot men?

Literally rotating

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Symptom of the £4 cocktails I wonder?

Biggest shark

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Baby shark do do do do do do

Most flood ready

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(Jack Dobson Crappy Snaps)

Best strawpedo

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Careful, it's not a VK