Meet the Palatinalps 2018 Exec and ask yourself how they can possibly be this fit

They want you to go skiing with them

Palatinalps. Durham University’s massive ski trip, the annual highlight of the social calendar, and the biggest substitute for a personality.

This year, they’re off to Les Deux Alpes, where you could spend the 4th to 12th of January 2019 in an idyllic, middle class reverie. Expect to see some big-name artists headlining, some sick slopes and activities galore.

This year’s Palatinalps Committee are cooking up something exceptional. Read on to find out more about what this dynamic bunch have to say about each other.

George: President

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George, aka Mr Nepotism, has a rather unique hiring process for selecting this year’s committee, as is exemplified by the inclusion of his better half. However, what George loves more than hiring a committee is the Alps – and he takes little slices of alpine life back with him to Durham, breathing in the northern mountain air and continuing to find running twice as difficult as the average person.

Will: Vice President

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Will is somewhat of an enigma, and we still aren’t quite sure what his role of “Vice President” actually entails. Only two things remain certain: His die-hard bromance with President George and his passion for tupperware-laden lunches with his girlfriend in the Billy B.

Rahil: Events

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As the self-proclaimed King of Durham, there was no question that Rahil needed to be head-hunted by Palatinalps to bring his events expertise to the trip. Being the second best DJ in the Twelve Eyes trio has brought him a wealth of knowledge, and more importantly, limited results with his chirpse game. Rahil has curated some of Durham’s biggest and best nights including Jam City (still going), Antidote (gone bust), Sun Terrace Series (nobody really knows) and Rewind (gone bust), so he really is the best man for the job.

Jake: Events

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Jake (aka Rahil’s minion) may think of himself as a big man, but he’s notorious for his inability to hack a rollover – a defect of his that is disappointing but hardly surprising. Jake’s second big claim to fame is in his blossoming career as a DJ, dominating Durham night life and even branching out into Soundcloud. He’d like to remind everyone to please give him a follow, as though he may deny it, he’s the true basic of the Committee.

Sophy: Head College Rep

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Armed with a GoPro and her personal slogan “pretty girls get free cigs,” Sophy is a force to be reckoned with – both on and off the slopes. Be sure to follow her Instagram (@sophydixperkin) so as to keep up to date with her never-ending journey through basic land.

Victoria: Comps

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The most important member of the Palatinalps Committee, Victoria is DUSSC’s sole remaining influence on the only important snowsports event in Durham. Unlikely to be seen sporting anything other than her après attire, Victoria lives and breathes all things Palatinalps. Warning: Don’t be fooled by her cute persona or slight stature, Victoria is likely to outlast all of you on the slopes and beyond.

Harry: Merchandise

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Don’t be fooled by his manly beard and tough boy exterior – our Maudesy-bear is a softie deep down, and is sure to win the hearts of all the Palati-gals. Despite his Geography degree, Maude’s drawing skills are more than questionable, but his merch ideas have proven strong – if you like Palace, that is.

Melissa: Graphics

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Melissa. Graphmel. Graphissa.

As her Weebly bio once read, Melissa “constantly seeks ways to give back to the world” and spends most of her time escaping academia by creating graphical wizardry for pretty much everything in Durham. Whether it’s using the word “passion” 14 times in her personal bio or proving far more wholesome than the rest of the committee, Mel is truly a Palati-gal to watch.

Damson: Media & Marketing

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Damson’s English degree, “vibrant” dress sense, vast vocabulary, selfie-heavy focused Instagram and being the President’s girlfriend made her the perfect match for Media and Marketing.

Constantly thinking of witty captions for the daily Palatinalp’s post is something Damson rates herself on, claiming humour comes to her naturally.

Xan: Sponsorship

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This year’s tall, dark and already middle-aged Sponsorship Director. If there’s a contact to be made, Xan’s made it (often by relentless, intense messaging).

Xan is determined to be the Daddy Cool of the group, so make sure to catch him at Les Deux Alpes tearing up the slopes, or armed at Après with a Red Stripe and some uncomfortable dance moves. Ladies: beware!

Even if you can’t ski, you’re guaranteed one good Insta from this

Booking opens at 6pm on 6th November.

The launch party (a classic Swingers Monday) is on 5th November. Check out their online brochure, the giveaway-heavy Facebook page or their stylish Instagram account.