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Head of Durham Law School ridiculed for suggesting Theresa May bombed Syria to help Tories in local elections

A vast international conspiracy to decide who’s in charge of your bin collections

The Dean of Durham Law School, Professor Thom Broooks, got into a pickle on Twitter today after suggesting that Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron, and Donald Trump decided to strike chemical weapons facilities in Syria, in order to "help Tories in poor local election campaign".

The response from twitter wasn't kind

The Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party responded to the Durham Professor, saying "Wow, just wow!".

Others called the professor an "actual arse". He has since deleted the tweet, which read as follows:

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Since the tweet went viral, he has claimed that this was not his intention, and he simply "wondered why now".

We'll leave you to decide whether his original tweet has just been misunderstood.

This isn't the first time that Professor Brooks has ended up having to delete a tweet. During the election campaign last year, he tweeted an image of the Conservative Party manifesto website, alleging that it was being rewritten.

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"Pls RT"

But his tweet cropped off the bottom of the form, which showed that the "alternate versions" he highlighted were accessibility versions for disabled people.


The original tweet was retweeted thousands of times and was only deleted after the General Election.

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Professor Brooks, a former Labour Party adviser, regularly appears on the television channel Russia Today

But maybe this time Professor Brooks tweet was right. Maybe Theresa May really did pull off a huge international conspiracy.

Maybe she alone convinced not only Trump and Macron to go along with her dastardly local-electoral scheme, but also gained support from the leaders of Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, the European Council, Denmark, NATO, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

If she managed all that – just to help elect some local councillors, maybe her Brexit negotiations won't be so bad after all.