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Fire and Ice in Durham is just making the queue in Tesco longer

It’s not as cool as it sounds

The "Fire and Ice" festival took to the streets of Durham yesterday, February 16th, and is making a return today, in an effort to make negotiating the cobbles even more of a problem.

With slabs of ice and (you've guessed it) fire littered around Durham, walking just about anywhere is going to take you five times as long. Luckily crowds aren't quite at Lumiere levels- it's still breathable at the moment- but if you thought Lumiere was disappointing, you should probably stick to your summative.

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Literally so cool

This year the ice sculptures are themed around literary characters, who will be melting quietly next to strategically placed beacons of fire. I mean who thought to put fire next to an ice sculpture?

But if summative season is really wearing you out, why not join the throngs of people heading for Market Square today, and learn something that might enrich your life- such as ice carving- rather than a degree that at best will get you transferable skills. Just don't forget you'll be waiting a substantial amount of time for those Tesco Finest cookies. The queues in Tesco will be nothing short of carnage as visitors remember that their meal deal is the cheapest on Durham's high street.

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Lumiere all over again

At least, with a multitude of sculptures hidden around Durham, and a so-called "spectacular" finale in Market Square at 5pm, procrastination has never been easier!

Who knows, maybe a frozen Shakespeare makes a cracking sculpture.