Move over Assassins Society: This year, meet Game of Thrones Soc

But will they meet in John Snow College?


A new year and a new ridiculous society. First it was the Assassins Society. Then came a group dedicated to glitter. Now we have the privilege of our very own Game of Thrones Society.

The mysterious Society does not have much of a presence, except for a short bio on the DSU societies page.

They claim to be: "a society dedicated to the discussion of game of thrones tv show and the world of ice and fire novels. Discussing plot lines, conspiracy theories and other elements of the story."

Assassins society is now old news

Assassins society is now old news

If you'd like to become a member, it'll set you back £3 per year – but bear in mind that you won't find them on Facebook.

Dear GoT Soc, for the love of binge-watching, please find us.