All the reasons why you’re missing Durham so much this summer

Can’t cope with another Wednesday without Lloyds


Summer, summer … SUMMER! Ah, how you’d cheer when the final school bell went, the sigh you release when you finish your last exam, that first sleep in your bed; care free and problem free.  Life’s a breeze in summer.

When you sit back and think about it though, you realise actually it isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be.  Ok, ok I know I’m a pessimist but hear me out, please.  Here are all the reasons summer is just simply overrated:

It’s not really warm is it

27 degrees and we all end up acting like a trip down to Sainsbury’s was basically a hike in the Sahara desert.  But that’s as good as it gets really and it doesn’t stick around for too long either.

You envisioned road trips with your friends, outside drinking, and jumping in lakes, when in reality it has rained every Thursday and you’re still whipping out your jumpers.

You’re basically bankrupt

You’ve survived three terms, three very, very long terms.  Within those terms you have spent a lot of money, all of it in fact.  Here you are desperately searching for jobs, extending your overdraft and begging your parents for a spare 20£ note.

You are skint and thus stuck indoors with nothing to do.  Sad times.

Everyone’s jetted off abroad

All of these people are abroad minus one (I am the minus).

You were SO excited to see your friends from back home, SO excited.  Yet one of them is in Fiji for a month, another in New York for three months, a couple of them are in Portugal, one is stuck in Cardiff and the rest have ghosted you for the last few weeks.  Brilliant, just brilliant.  It’ll be just your luck that they all arrive home when you yourself take a break.

If they are home, they’re working so there’s no way to win is there.

You just get bored

With  no money and everyone away you end up sat in your house mindlessly finding activities to do.  By the end of three months you realise; day time TV isn’t really that great and there aren’t that many films on Netflix. Cabin fever strikes and you do go insane.

You’re never beach bod ready

I chose cake, lots of cake.

Potentially the worst of them all, you tell yourself ALL year that you will have abs, a great bum and toned legs.  But here you are desperately trying to find angles where your beer belly doesn’t show, another summer gone, another year being disappointed with yourself.

Results day

Summer holidays are supposed to be CARE FREE, but they just aren’t. For those who have just dealt with GCSEs and A Levels or those having to do retakes all you can think about is “will I pass?” The 21st of August is coming closer and you’re trying so hard to enjoy yourself, but each year you’ve convinced yourself you’ve in fact failed the year. There is no peace.

You miss your uni friends

That feeling of both shock and joy when your number in Paddy’s gets called.

To go from seeing the same set of people everyday for an entire year, to never seeing them at all isn’t great really is it.  If you do want to see them they live on the other side of the country, and you haven’t got the dollar to be travelling North to South have you now.

Of course there are plus sides to summer and I do get out of the house, once every two weeks or so.  Maybe I’m the only miserable sod suffering from cabin fever, sick of watching the Ellen Show on itv 2 and counting down the hours to Love Island.

Oh well, maybe next year.