DUCFS 2017 will be bigger than ever before

It will have an audience of about 1,600 people.

This year’s Durham University Charity Fashion Show will be the biggest yet, raising money to aid refugees in crises.

Unlike previous years the show will not be held on campus, but in Rainton Meadows Arena. It will be kicked off on the the 3rd and 4th of February, with an audience of about 1,600 people.

Around 60 models will walk the catwalk, dressed in clothes by internationally successful designers who have been featured in major fashion magazines like Vogue, Tatler, and GQ.

Head of PR and Marketing Ella Phillips says: “last year the event raised £27,000 and this year we have already reached £50,000 and hopefully it will be even more.

“I’ve done quite a bit of research and I believe that’s the most any single university event has ever raised which we are really proud of.”

The show is held in support of The International Rescue Committee, an organisation that works to provide for and educate those affected by humanitarian crises.