Durham students react to Trump’s election

Could it be worse than Brexit?

Donald Trump has won the US Presidential Election after one of the most absurd races in history. Durham students could hardly be more devastated – but does this cloud have a silver lining? Right now, it’s hard to tell.

Karolina Wroblewska, 19, Cuth’s, Biological Sciences


“Today is my birthday and it’ll be a memorable one. At least Britain isn’t the world’s laughing stock any more!”

Oliver Holdsworth-Miller, 18, Cuth’s, Economics


“I’d rather have my goldfish as president.”

Ben Norris, 18, Hatfield, Physics


“My friend was adamant that Trump was gonna win so he put £2,000 on it when the odds were 5:1. He’s just won £10,000. Obviously I’m devastated, but at the same, I’ll be getting free drinks for about a year.”

Celina Gibson, 18, Cuth’s, Biology


“I’m not happy at all. It’s Brexit vibes. It’s worse than Brexit. 2016 is so rogue.”

Louis Treneman, 18, Cuth’s, Economics


“I guess America Trumped Brexit. The best thing about him winning is the dank memes.”

Tom Hetherington, 21, Grey, History


“Everything you hear is on social media, so you don’t hear a great deal about actual policy. I don’t wanna be too quick to judge.”

Grace and Zakah, 20, Hatfield, Law


Zakah: “Yesterday, I thought it would be funny. This morning all I wanted was to go back to sleep and not wake up for a while.”

Grace: “We should all just go and live on Mars.”

Martha Kent, 18, Cuth’s, Languages


“How can I do it without swearing? My reaction is: fuck, basically.”

Alex Ahlgren, 19, Hatfield, Criminology


“I’m American and I can’t even talk about it, it’s so disappointing.”

Rob Knowles, 18, Cuth’s, Physics


“After the announcement I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but then it didn’t even snow properly.”

Thomas McEvoy, 19, Cuth’s, Economics


“Did you know that 11,000 people voted for Harambe?”