Best Dressed: DUCFS Edition

Screw the models, it’s all about the guests

In Durham we know how to do black tie, and what better occasion than the Durham University Fashion Show to dust off our finest glad rags for the cause of a great charity.

We knew we would never be able to equal the superior beauty of the DUCFS models, but our desperate attempts at dressing to impress did soften the blow. We’ve chosen a selection of the most daring prints,  elegant jumpsuits and dazzling floor length numbers that took Palace Green by storm.

Henry Quekett, Third Year, Aidans; Henry Treble, Third Year,  Aidans; Ben Robinson, Second Year, Hild Bede

12714472_10153880859105890_1509473718_nAs a perfectly posed trio of bow tie baring boys, you’ve all accessorised formidably, liberating your black suits with fun prints. We especially love Henry’s cream scarf and bow tie combo in the middle. Bold colour and pattern definitely suits black tie.

Isabella Moore, Second Year, Chads

12665812_10153880852595890_1434236081_n Baring all in this midnight blue playsuit, Isabella looks elegant and sophisticated. We love how you’ve gone for a simple hair do to accentuate the playsuit’s plunging neckline, and those strappy stilettos round off the look beautifully.

India Hussain, Second Year, Van Midlerd; Bean Sampson and Isabella Moore, both Second Year, and Chads


Isabella knows how to pick fashionable friends, stealing the show with India and Bean in their punchy mini dresses. India’s midnight red frock is too hot to handle, she should have been up on stage.

Sam Shmothert, First Year, Hild Bede


We love a bit of velvet, and when its burgundy, we love it even more. We like how you’ve broken the mould, and you’ve shown us that boys can express themselves through their wardrobe choices as much as girls can.

Charlotte Wootton, Third Year, Collingwood 


The simplicity of this chic black jumpsuit is striking, and we love how Charlotte has paired it with equally natural nude wedges. You’re definitely rocking the minimalist look. Charlotte proves that you don’t have to go bold with colour and print to stand out.

Immi Fitzgerald, Second Year, Hatfield 

12696203_10153880842755890_1250815336_nLooking like she knows what she’s doing, Immy is a strappy sensation, from the statement bralette to the gorgeous mid length heeled sandals, she’s risked a bold statement and pulled it off perfectly. The feature gold chain belt is the perfect partner to the all black look, adding just enough flair without being OTT.

Freddie Cox, Fourth Year, Hatfield; Henry Hamilton, Alumni, Hild Bede


There was a lot of tartan roaming the fashion show, but these tartan twins stood out for us because they oozed sass. If you’ve chosen the tartan path for black tie, dark navy and green tones are definitely the way to go; subtle yet effective. Like most lads in Durham with Tartan, they’re probably only an sixteenth Scottish, but we can deal with that when they’re looking this good.

Georgie Thomas, 3rd Year, Aidans 

12695950_10153880853080890_1512450660_nMy oh my, this backless silk gown is simply stunning. Georgie, you’ve ticked all the black tie boxes by donning this silver floor sweeping number. It is perfectly figure hugging and you definitely look catwalk ready. Sexy and elegant.