The ex-DUS secretary is in court over alleged rape

Louis Michael Richardson is accused of rape and sexual assault

The secretary of the Durham Union Society, who was forced to resign from his position, is in Durham Crown Court after allegedly raping one woman and sexually assaulting another.

Louis Michael Richardson, who was at JoBo studying History, is charged with raping a fellow student and sexually assaulting her by partially pulling down her dress, and sexually assaulting another twice, the court heard.

Louis, from St Helier in Jersey, denies all charges.

One of the alleged victims claims that they were raped at Louis’ house in Church Street in March 2014. After a night out at Klute, the woman claims her next memory was waking up in Louis’ bed.

She then went on to claim that he had called her “rubbish” and “unresponsive.” Later, Louis supposedly said that she had objected and called him by another person’s name.

Prosecutor Paul Cleasby said it painted a disturbing picture of a very drunk girl who had said “no” but that Louis had had sex “despite her protestations”.

Another claim is also being heard, where Louis in May 2014, supposedly exposed the girl’s bra and said: “Get your tits out. Everyone else has seen them.” He then, allegedly, demanded a sex act because he had paid for dinner.

The second woman has claimed that in October 2014, Louis had been with her when she awoke at a house party. He, allegedly had one hand down her top, touching her breasts over her bra, and the other down her leggings, touching her over her underwear.

The DUS had previously declined to provide any comment on the subject.