Foreign students could pay £20,000 for tuition next year

¿Is this una joke?

International students will face massive price pressures when they join Durham next year.

The uni has agreed to huge price hikes, meaning the annual costs of some degrees will be £20,900.


Rising at an enormous rate, the 3,500 internationals currently at the university will not be forced to pay the increased fees because the university previously agreed to freeze tuition fees while students are at the uni.

This 30 per cent increase in fees will be massively felt by non-oligarchs and any non-sheikhs that happen to want an education. When applying to Durham, internationals must prove that they can pay for all three years. The new figure of £20,900 means that no international will be unable to access any university student support as your household has to earn less than £20k a year.

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Humanities subjects, and other non-lab students will still be asked to pay £16.5k. Non-lab international students were paying £12.6k just four years ago compared with today’s new announcement. Many will begin to question exactly what they’re getting that earlier students didn’t have or pay for.

Collingwood Fresher Em Darlow told the Tab: “I would feel less resentful if we were given justified reasons for the increase in our fees – for example if international fees increased so Durham could give out more bursaries to domestic students, then that seems reasonable to me.”

The law student , who holds a British passport, added: “However we are given no warning or justification and left to assume that the increase is tied to inflation, which, considering how much more we are asked to pay, can’t always be the case.”

It’s just not fair to spring this on people. With rising accommodation costs, the cost of getting to Durham – which almost everyone can relate to – and increasing fees, the uni is sure to turn more an more students away. Why pay more when they could go to Exeter and pay a little less? Every little helps.