Aidan’s got the rug taken out beneath their feet – then found it

The porters were not impressed

After a treasured mat was stolen last Friday, Aidan’s porters were forced to make an impassioned plea for it’s safe return.

The college rug was later returned after the urgent request on Overheard.


The Saintly rug

The missing rug, with the Aidan’s crest on it, went missing from the Lindisfarne Centre this Friday. But a message posted on Overheard by Evan-Bolle Jones showed just how seriously the rug theft was taken, pleading for intelligence.

It said: “At this stage we would be grateful which leads to the safe recovery of the safe return of the mat, no further questions asked, but will have to consider this as theft should the mat not be recovered.”

Owen who appealed for the lost rug

Owen who appealed for the lost rug

Within hours the rug was safely returned. Mike Wallbank, Aidan’s Operations Manager, told The Tab: “This rug is not just the average size one, it’s about two metres square with a Saint Aidan’s crest in the middle.

“It’s obviously very expensive to replace.”

However Mike was not impressed if this was a student prank and he’s wise to it. He said: “This could have been a prank, can’t say for sure though.”

Mike was not happy

Mike was not happy

Mike is letting the matter lie though. He said: “We won’t speak again about the disappearance of the doormat.”