Freezing Durham shivers at the shock cost of heating

Ice Ice Baby

The Tab can exclusively reveal the shocking cost of heating colleges, no doubt because the place is full of softy Southerners.

  • 3/4 of a million quid is shelled out on heating in just ONE YEAR!
  • Hild Bede spends the most at £150, 000 last year
  • John Snow pays just over £20k on heating
  • New-build Ustinov strangely spends over £100, 000 every year

Colleges have handed data to The Tab about exactly how much they spend on making sure colleges are correctly over-heated and ridiculously stuffy.

While everyone else is forced to freeze in the Viaduct and on their “really nice” house in Gilesgate, lucky Freshers are living it large in sweltering heat.

Greedy Hatfield have slashed their heating bill by almost £27, 000, while other colleges haven’t seen any change – despite massive Green campaigns.

Check out how much your college is prepared to spend warming up the cold hearts of Freshers:

Van Mildert made a £13, 000 saving between their £105, 877 bill in 2012/12 to just £92k last year. Yet residents paid exactly the same as their counterparts over at John Snow who paid just over £20, 000.

John’s and Chad’s are not obligated to hand over their data because they’re super independent and literally anyone who goes to them will tell you that.