We asked people why they hate Hatfield

All the reasons are totally legit

From day one you’re told Hatfielders are wankers, but no one really knows why.

Warning: this may not be suitable for those in Barbour jackets. If you have been affected by this issue, please contact Hatfield Welfare for support.

Digby Walker, 22, St Cuth’s

“Who the fuck are Hatfield college?”

Leif Hubert, 20, John Snow


“Because there’s one other girl from my small Norwegian town and she is meant to represent Norway in this teeny tiny town. She represents Britain. That is why.”

Georgie Thomas, 20, Cuth’s

“You get with one. You get with them all. Monotonous Hatfield cock.”

Tessa Carr, 20, Van Mildert

“They’re more posh than posh people. Also because everyone else does and I follow the crowd.”

Hamish Scott, 19, Cuth’s

“They have a poor selection of beers on tap. Their bar is like a Wetherspoons.”

Callum Osborne, 18, Stephenson

“I don’t hate Hatfield as there’s a guy called Trevor there.”

Rupert S, 18, Collingwood

“I hate Hatfield because they all wear new Barbours.”

Sai Kyio, 23, Van Mildert

“I’m jealous because their accommodation is near the Student Union. I don’t have an friends from there.”

Alex Marshall, 18, Castle

“There’s just a deep ingrained hate of Hatfield. It’s our cultural heritage, inherited from our college parents.”

Aidan Jackson, 18, Castle

“Because we shit on the buggers below.”

Theo Holt-Bailey, 18, Castle

“They’re shit at trophying. They forced their way into Castle and the only thing they could take was a sign directing people to Durham Orchestral Society auditions. It didn’t even belong to Castle.”

Jelly C, 20, Trevs

“Because Trevs has a bad rep and I want people to hate Hatfield instead of Trevs. Also, their bar feels more like a golf bar than a college bar.”