Blackout ruins Butler’s first formal

Freshers had to pre in the corridor

Hapless JoBo battled on through a power-cut which forced new freshers to drink in the dark corridors and delayed their formal.

Confused first years thought it was an initiation, while hungry second and third years were forced to wait for their meal.

The self-catered college have only just welcomed their latest batch of freshers and were planning to celebrate like only a college miles away from anywhere can. Yet JoBo was left red faced when the whole campus fell into darkness.

The poor first years were forced to drink in the corridors by the emergency lights.


Upbeat but confused freshers Rob Judson, Jamie Gwilliam and Lucy Booth, told The Tab: “We didn’t know what to do at first, we thought it was a joke or an initiation thing. We soon realised it wasn’t, so we went into the corridor with the opposite flat.

“We had pre-drinks with the night before and started chatting and drinking with them. We were really glad it happened actually as it was a good way to start the night.”

The Principal of JoBo, Adrian Simpson, told those eating at the formal that the power would be cut for a second time for a staggering ten minutes, and he advised people to use their phones for substitute lighting.


The cost of the formal may have been free but the delay caused a certain amount of emotion. Second year frep Matt Ricketts admitted: “The thought of the butternut soup cooling down really brought a tear to my eye.”


The embarrassing slip-up by JoBo forced the Bar Staff to offer those waiting a free half pint of beer.

One member of the bar staff told The Tab: “Formal has been pushed back until later, anyone who was affected gets a free half pint. The cause was a circuit in Dilston Block knocking out the rest of JoBo, Ustinov and Mildert.”

The Tab can confirm that despite their claim, Van Mildert was not affected by the mess up.