Why are No More Page 3 claiming Durham Uni backs them?

Union reps ‘can’t recall’ a formal vote on Page 3 or The Sun


Delighted No More Page 3 campaigners lauded the removal of boobs from The Sun last week, only for the paper to print them again a day later.

But is there something fishy about No More Page 3’s claim to represent the views of Durham students?

Their website claims five Oxford colleges and 29 universities – our very own Durham included – have “all voted in favour of removing the newspaper from their shops”.

But, when questioned, Union officials said they had never heard of The Sun even being discussed in SU council.

Further investigation into this claim has proved revealing, with no traces found of the alleged vote having actually occurred.

The Director of Marketing and Communications at Durham Students’ Union said: “To our knowledge neither Assembly nor its predecessor, Council, have formed policy on this matter”.

And, the current Durham Students’ Union rep for St Chad’s College had no recollection of a vote while one of her predecessors David Eaton told The Tab: “I certainly can’t recall there being any formal opposition to any body within the university stocking or selling The Sun.

“It’s never been an issue with the college… there has never been any objections to the Sun on the grounds of Page 3.”

When asked about the supposed ban on the sale of The Sun in Durham University shops, No More Page 3 said: “The SU voted to boycott The Sun until Page 3 is dropped.

“If it says that it usually refers to a boycott of the newspaper in Uni shops”.

Is it just a clerical error? Or is there something we’re not being told?