Why does everyone hate Hatfield?

MEG O’GORMAN, a proud Hatfielder, gives us some suggestions why her college gets so much shit.


Despite being voted the most hated college in Durham, the majority of us  just don’t understand why the rest of Durham hates Hatfield quite so much.

The targeting of Hatfield has become integral to the Durham lifestyle, the only thing capable of uniting the other colleges together through a bond of viscous resentment that even Liam Gallagher would be proud of.

But do we Hatfielders really deserve the years of piss taking and hurtful chants that have plagued us for as long as our forefathers can remember?

Is it because we’re a bunch of good-looking racists?


Our love of chinos may be a tad excessive

…too jazzy?

Admittedly, we don’t help ourselves with the posh wanker stereotype

The only chavs you’ll find here are in ironic fancy dress


It’s probably annoying how much we win things…

Looking fine

Which is quite a lot

Speaks for itself

Maybe our rivals don’t like being intimidated?

Having the best white boy moves on the Bailey is also quite galling


Our formal rituals might be confusing to outsiders

Great craic, yah?

And the famous ‘Hatfield spirit’ tends to piss people off

But behind the bravado we’re not that bad, really ….

Who could possibly hate these guys?

So maybe it’s time people learned to show Hatfield some love…please?!