Tab Tries: The DUS Puppy Room

On Tuesday the Tab went along to the ‘stress busting’ puppy room at the DUS and snuggled the hell out of some fully grown dogs.

Whilst most of you were stuck revising, The Tab decided we would de-stress by spending some time with man’s best friend. On Tuesday the DUS held a ‘Puppy-Room’ event where you could sign up and spend 20 minutes with some dogs from Newcastle.

Although we were promised a puppy, it turned out that he was at the vets. Nonetheless, Boy, Izzy and a German Shepherd we forget the name of, proved to be just about adequate replacements.

There was also a Labrador but we missed it, despite spending over an hour messing around with dogs (wasting time not revising apparently stresses you out more than dogs unstress you).

DUS President Rishi Goenka brought along treats and everyone there seemed to really enjoy the escape from Bill Bryson. If you didn’t get to come along you missed out, but Cuth’s are holding their own Puppy Room tomorrow at 11am in their bar.

Overall it was a good, de-stressing experience and those missing pets at home felt that this helped them relax a bit before exams.

Next time though, we are expecting kittens.