Boo you Hoarder

A recent survey by the British Heart Foundation has found people in the North East to be excessive hoarders.

80% of people in the North East have been revealed to be self-confessed hoarders, according to research by the British Heart Foundation.

Item indeterminable.

An average number of 33 items per person were recorded to have been stashed away and never used. 35% of people said that they hated the thought of items going to waste.

Whilst students cannot afford to fill a whole room with clutter, the negative effects of hoarding still resonate, with 15% of people experiencing high stress levels, 22% losing valuable items and one in ten avoided having friends over to avoid embarrassment.

For some reason being a being a student means a mindset of positive acquirement.

The aesthetically pleasing method of storing items in a bin liner.

The top ten most commonly hoarded items were as follows:

1)      Now CDs (28%)

2)      Gameboy (26%)

3)      Bread Maker (23%)

4)      Rubix Cube (22%)

5)      Walkman (20%)

6)      Furbie (18%)

7)      Lava Lamp (17%)

8)      Soda Stream (12%)

9)      Beanie Babies (11%)

10)   Roller Blades (11%)

Just so unnecessary.

But The Tab has seen worse. One student said “I have an old television from Loveshack that I obtained in first year. It doesn’t work and there’s gum on the bottom, but it looks good.”

Three terms of roughly 10 weeks appears to be enough time to fill your room with a random collection of items that mean little and take up a lot of space.

The BHF hopes to encourage people to donate these unwanted items, if they are worth donating.