Fittest Fresher 2014: The Boys

After a year away from your eager eyes, Fittest Fresher is back with some of the finest faces ever to grace the cobbles of the Bailey and the wilderness of the Hill.


Will Guy Blo-you away or is Sean Henney a honey? Or would you let Willis give you syphilis? You decide.

Whichever fittie takes your fancy, vote for him and give him the chance to win FREE ENTRY TO LOVESHACK for the rest of THE YEAR. That way, you’ll know where he can be found every Wednesday night…

Sean Henney

Photos by Fred Ahern

Hatfield College, studying Economics and from Manchester.

Relationship Status: Taken

Favourite Sex Position? Do I have to pick one?

Bum or boobs? Definitely bum.

Guilty pleasure? Disney Channel

Party trick? Slinky

Slow and gentle, or hard and fast? Variety is the spice of life.

Marcus Willis

Photos by Fred Ahern

Hild Bede, studying Sports Science and from Newbury.

Relationship Status: Taken

Favourite Chat-up Line? The word of the day is “legs”. Come back to mine so we can spread the word?

Favourite Sex Position? The impossible.

Bum or boobs? Bum.

Guilty pleasure? Disney films

Party trick? A forward roll.

Slow and gentle, or hard and fast? Depends on how tired I am.


Louis Clayton-Molloy

Photos by Fred Ahern

Collingwood, studying Classics and from Auckland, New Zealand.

Relationship Status: Taken

Favourite Chat-up Line? Here’s £30. Go to Jimmy A’s and buy Johnny Woodgates until I’m attractive. Then come and speak to me.

Favourite Sex Position? The Armchair.

Bum or boobs? Both. Why settle?

Guilty pleasure? Mamma Mia

Party trick? The Haka in my birthday suit.

Slow and gentle, or hard and fast? Where I come from, you have to be quick to catch the sheep.

Dom Humphrey

Photos by Fred Ahern

Castle, studying History and from Portsmouth.

Relationship Status: Single

Favourite Chat-up Line? Swipe right. In front of her face.

Favourite Sex Position? Any and all.

Bum or boobs? Bum.

Guilty pleasure? The O.C.

Party trick? I can down a pint quicker than some women.

Slow and gentle, or hard and fast? The slow and gentle guy never pulls in Klute. So, slow and gentle.


WINNER – Rory: 28.1 per cent

RUNNER-UP – Louis: 19 per cent

Guy: 12.93 per cent

Dom: 10.92 per cent

Sean: Five per cent

Marcus: 4.39 per cent