5 ways to spend £10 million in Durham

Would your Uni experience be better with ten million quid? Think of all the things you could do…

On Wednesday students and residents were allowed to have their say on the new Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics which was unveiled this month. The building, designed by the same architects in charge of the master plan of Ground Zero in New York, has a provisional cost of £10 million. To save yet more building work on the science site the Tab has pulled together a list of what ten mill will buy you around Durham:

Two million eighty-three thousand three hundred and thirty three quaddies

At their new price of £4.80 you can buy pretty much half an Olympic swimming pool of the stuff… and probably shut Klute down in the process

(The Tab promotes responsible drinking)

Eighty-six thousand seven hundred and thirty nine weeks in college accomodation

You could live in college until the year 3682 – you’d be one hell of a mature student though, also they still wouldn’t have fixed your sink.

Just make sure you don’t have to move out every term

Fifty-two thousand eight hundred and fifty-four sets of Bailey stash

Just in case people aren’t aware you do DU Rowing you can make it clear by wearing a new set of these every week for the next millennium* (*embroidery is extra)

It’ll keep you warm at least

Thirty thousand four hundred and eighty-seven first-class returns to London

That’s a combined journey time of over twenty years – but at least you can do it in the comfort of first class. (n.b. savings can be made by booking in advance and purchasing a 16-25 railcard)

They say you get free wifi in first…

Twenty-seven thousand three hundred and seventy-nine years of overdue book charges

You know that short-loan book you got out? The one that’s taking you ages to read? Fear not, you have nearly 30 millennia before you have to give it back.

You will get a daily email reminder though