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Cards Against Durham

Because we’re all going to hell anyway

We asked why people are afraid to talk to strangers

Why can’t we just be friends?

Which Durham college is your college?

This is spooky

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson to speak at Durham Union

Uni bigwigs aren’t best pleased about it

Victory in Tab campaign: Riverside railings and lights to be introduced

City Safety Group announces new safety measures to prevent further incidents

Durham’s Best Bums 2015: The girls

They’re cracking

As it happens: Azeem’s Senior Flute Recital

Join us as we live tweet the flute event of a generation

How screwed are you? Here’s a breakdown of last year’s exams

Revising hard? Find out if you need to be

Staff at Shack to breathalyse drunk clubbers

Going out tonight? Better get ready to blow

Uni bureaucrats vote to make college bars alcohol free

The decision was made without consulting the colleges or students

Durham’s got one of the best reputations in the world

They clearly haven’t heard about your exploits at Shack

DUCFS model features in Country Life

She’s a third year at St John’s

Stop scolding us for our drinking habits and put up some railings

Focusing on dangerous drinking is important, but we mustn’t let it blind us from what also needs to be done

Tab Tries: Champagne Soc Ball

At the end of Michaelmas the Tab headed, bottle in hand, to one of the grandest evenings of the year

Body recovered from Wear by police believed to be that of Euan Coulthard

The Law second year disappeared last Wednesday

Police investigate reports of body in River Wear

Marine units with specialist divers are attending

Police to ‘scale back’ search for Euan Coulthard

Five days after the Mary’s student disappeared, police have announced they are reducing searches of the river and its banks

Euan Coulthard: What we know

Search for missing Mary’s second year continues

Mary’s second year missing

Euan Coulthard was seen at 11.30pm last night

Someone nicked the Tango sign

…and got caught on video doing it

Castle vote to keep ‘Senior Man’

Attempt to change ‘sexist’ job title fails

6 things in Durham I’m glad aren’t bees

Because it would cause untold problems if they were bees…

Durham dispatch York in yet another Uni Challenge domination

…it was close for a minute there

‘Can we top and tail?’: Newcastle lads break into freshers’ room at 4am

They tried to sleep on the floor

What’s Hot: Week 3

Actually having to start work now term’s started? Do these things instead…

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Klute goes mute: Power cut leaves hundreds of clubbers in the dark

Durham’s favourite club is plunged into darkness mid-song by power outage. Scroll down for photos

We asked locals what they really think of us

Some really aren’t our biggest fans

They ‘nose nothing: Durham drills Oxford college in Uni Challenge drubbing

In good news for embittered Oxford rejects everywhere, the Durham University Challenge team has beaten that of Brasenose College, Oxford.

VIDEO: Professor Green slaps a student at Durham SU Welcome Ball

He told the crowd: ‘That’s what happens when you call me a cunt’.

Prefresh say the funniest things

We’ve trawled through the best of the Durham Freshers’ Group 2014. Don’t worry freshers – we’re here to help, not to judge…

Update: Police release new photo of missing Durham student

A new photo has been released by police showing what missing student Luke Pearce was wearing the night he disappeared.

‘They’re fighting a fight that’s already over’ – The Tab talks feminism with Godfrey Bloom

Yesterday evening at the Durham Union, Tab columnist Flo Perry took on ex-UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom in a debate marred by controversy.

What’s Hot: Week 2

Sick of revising? Go do something else…

What’s Hot: Week 1

Need a list of things to dull the pain of revision? We’ve got it covered

Happy Easter from The Tab

The Tab’s Durham team are at home stuffing their faces with chocolate right now, but you can keep track of the latest student antics on

What’s Hot: Week 9

Summatives getting you down? Here are some of the places you can head this week to take your mind off them…

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What’s Hot: Week 8

We’ve got all the places to be – so be in them.

What’s Hot: Week 7

We bring you everything that’s going on around the uni this week – plus cannons.

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What’s Hot: Week 6

Theatre, fashion shows and a sleepover – we bring you what’s hot this week.

What’s Hot: Week 5

There’s loads to do this week around Durham – once again we’ve brought you the places to be seen

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5 ways to spend £10 million in Durham

Would your Uni experience be better with ten million quid? Think of all the things you could do…

Crossbar Challenge: The Rugby Boys

It’s back. Ollie Silverton joins the boys on a chilly evening at MC to find out whether any of them can achieve the impossible.