Pull Now, Before It’s Too Late!

ALEX MANSELL on why we should be playing the Durham field…

Alex Mansell pulling sex

So I’ve just got the fear.

No, not that fear – of looming essay deadlines and exams, but the fear that I have only 3 months left as a student, and will soon be thrown into the real world where the beauty of Durham (and I mean the boys) will be cruelly snatched away.

Durham is a magical world where a kind of filter is applied: we are, for the most part, bright ambitious young things, and, generalisation this may be, the students of Durham are f*cking hot.

You can experience a kind of sublime joy just by walking down the street here, with every other person at least a 7/10.

Now obviously this is subjective, and not everyone’s tastes are catered for, but never have I walked through a city where the standard of looks is so high.

So this is a plea to Durhamites of every year – do not underestimate the beauty – and opportunities – surrounding you.


As a 4th year I have many graduate friends who have warned me that “the Durham standard” just does not exist in the real world.

Sure, many of us will have graduate jobs amongst people our age, but the Durham environment is just so much more conducive to getting it on.

We see the same crowd of strangers on a regular basis, and as everyone knows everyone, meeting new people is so easy.

I'm not saying your love life will come to an end in the workplace, but the 9-5 lifestyle of the daily grind means exposure to new people will often be in a professional capacity.

Of course there'll still be nights out, but the expense of the real world means they will be more infrequent. You won’t be able to be quite so spontaneous – I have just, at 12.30am, told my housemates we’re going to Academy, and we’ll be there in 5 minutes.

I know this reads as a rather shallow discussion of how to be the most hedonistic you can be, and obviously uni isn’t just about the partying, but I feel people need to be reminded of what they will soon be missing out on, be it in 3 months, or 3 years.

The time to act is now. Never again will we be surrounded by 10,000 other students. Never will it be so easy.

Whether you’re seeking a one-night stand every night or the love of your life, I urge you to look around and not pass up any chances that come your way.


Yes, we are at the point in term where we’re tired, stressed, run down, running out of money and approaching the dark days of exams.

But this isn’t the university experience. We need to pick ourselves up, push ourselves to Klute, and pull the best looking person in sight.

If you read my article at the start of this term, Who’s On Your To Do List?, it would be worth taking a look back and seeing how many you managed to check off.


Didn’t manage to try it on with Hot Library Guy? Still haven’t pursued that pretty friend of a friend you always see out? The next time you see them, go for it.

This message applies particularly to finalists, who have nothing to lose. Yes, the Durham grapevine talks, but come June your remaining time at Durham will be reduced to a couple of weeks.

This isn’t a call to rally everyone to a frenzy of casual sex, rather, to appreciate the opportunities Durham provides and not to get complacent. Durham hands it to us on a plate, and it’s easy to underestimate this luxury.

In 5 years’ time we don’t want to look back and think we wasted the best years of our lives. So, in the name of unay, take a look around. Don’t just enjoy the scenery: do something about it.