Goodbye and Good F*ck

ALEX MANSELL’s final article – The Gold Rush Bucket List

Tales of Bare Embarrassment

Sex can be messy, embarrassing, awkward and funny; and it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Mansell Goes Mental

ALEX MANSELL responds to her most scathing criticism yet…

Durham’s Naughtiest Fantasies: Uncovered

Catch a glimpse into the naked lives of the ladies and gentlemen who dared to answer my one revealing question: “What is your deepest and naughtiest sexual fantasy?”

Groundwork Season, or How to Prep For Goldrush

ALEX MANSELL on Gold Rush groundwork

Pull Now, Before It’s Too Late!

ALEX MANSELL on why we should be playing the Durham field…

Does Practice Make Perfect?

JENNY DELL looks at what it takes to achieve perfection…

Take Me Out: The Experience

ALEX MANSELL describes her experience as a contestant on Mildert’s Take Me Out

How Not To Pull

ALEX MANSELL discusses what not to do to get some action this Valentine’s Day

Let’s Get It On

ALEX MANSELL discusses what should be on everyone’s sexy playlist…

Durham’s Craigslist

Nick Dashfield samples the brief highs and terrible lows of Durham’s Craigslist.

Why Durham Students Have the Best Sex in Britain

New columnist BEN COOPER shares his thoughts…

Your Place or Mine?

ALEX MANSELL on an all-important question….

Who’s On Your To Do List?

ALEX MANSELL on how you should be starting the term

What’s Your Number?

ALEX MANSELL on that question

Friends With Benefits: How To Make It Work

ALEX MANSELL on no strings copulation

How To Defeat A Cockblocker

ALEX MANSELL makes sure you won’t be caught out

Morning After Politics

ALEX MANSELL is at it again

Freshers’ Means Pressure


Post-Pull Politics

ALEX MANSELL discusses the minefield of post-pull politics