Durham ranks 18th in Country for cheating students

Durham University has been ranked 18th in the Country for cheating students, as revealed by Freedom of Information Requests

durham cheating


Durham University has been ranked 18th in the country for cheating students.
The information comes after Freedom of Information requests were made at the country’s leading universities. 
The figures reveal a huge increase in the number of students caught plagiarising or taking notes into exams. 
Nearly 1,700 students at 20 leading universities were disciplined last year and around 100 of these cases lead to permanent expulsion. 
Durham did not expel any students last year but witnessed 4 cases of ‘cheating’ misconduct. 
Durham’s figure pales in comparison to the worst Universities. Lancaster had 194 cases while Norwich had 187 and Bath had 182. 
Offenses are varied, ranging from bringing phones and notes into exams to impersonating other students and buying essays on the internet. 
Over the last 3 years a total of 5,111 students have been busted and numbers are rising year on year.