Here’s how to handle a Cov night out if you have anxiety

Our top tips on how to make sure you still have the best night

Anxiety can be tough at the best of times, but when going on a night out it can make it feel ten times wore. Intrusive, negative thoughts of what could happen may be floating around your head making you question whether you even want to go. Overthinking about what other people may think of you may be putting you off going out before pres have even started.

Maybe you have the feeling of just wanting to go home when you’ve just arrived at the club. Before the day even arrives, it may seem like you won’t have a good time. However, you definitely will have had an amazing night by the time the club shuts! Here’s some tips on how to enjoy your night out with anxiety.

1. Before you go, open up to a friend or two who will also be there

That way you have someone who you can stick with and will be a great support. If you’re thinking ‘they won’t understand though and they’ll think I’m being stupid’ they most definitely will not think that.

Give them the chance to support you in the best way that they can. They’ll always get you up dancing and downing jagers to help you out.

2. Play a drinking game at pres

This will get you thinking about the rules of the game rather than the anxiety and the thoughts of “what if” for the club. You’ll be too busy thinking “What’s seven in ring of fire? What can I rhyme with ‘goat’ for nine is rhyme?”. Never Have I Ever will also get you laughing until you cry and thinking about all the crazy things you and your friends have done in your lives. Plus, it will get you at least tipsy which will ease any anxious feelings.

3. When it’s time to make the walk to the club, just go, don’t think

If you sit thinking about leaving you will probably talk yourself out of it, when it’s time to go, grab your stuff and don’t think about going, just leave with your friends. On the walk there, laugh with them and in no time, you’ll have laughed your way to the club (plus the drunk glow from pres will make the walk even funnier).

4. At the club, grab a drink first and then a couple more through the night

A double vodka lemonade (or any other drink of your choice) will definitely settle those nerves when you first walk into the club. A couple more drinks and shots with your friends will also guarantee a great night to remember. Obviously we’re not telling you to drink more to avoid anxiety and if drinking isn’t your thing, that’s absolutely fine, onto the next step.

5. Get dancing and singing with the music

This is maybe the best distraction; you’ll be so busy concentrating on the lyrics or your amazing moves that all anxious thoughts won’t be at the front of your mind. You won’t notice the time passing by and before you know it, the clubs shutting and you’ll be craving more tunes. And don’t worry if you think people are judging, they most definitely aren’t, they’re drunk, they don’t care and will definitely not remember tomorrow.

6. Enjoy it

You’re out with your friends, taking pictures, getting drunk on discounted drinks, dancing and making good, happy memories. Those ‘what if’s’ that may have been running through your mind before are long gone and aren’t happening. Time will have passed by so quickly you won’t have noticed, the club will be closing and you’ll be off to Maccies for some food. Plus, you should enjoy the cheaper student nights while you can, they don’t last forever.