MOD pizza is giving away 20,000 pizzas during Freshers’ Week

They’re also giving out prizes!

Freshers' Week is upon us and MOD Pizza has decided to bless Cov freshers with more than a free USB stick and a leaflet.

If you're in any Cov halls, you could be one of the lucky 20,000 students to find an empty mini pizza box which the friendly team over at MOD Pizza have left for you.

To claim your prize, all you have to do is bring the box into the MOD Pizza restaurant in Coventry and they will exchange it for a free pizza.

If you thought that the free pizza was good, you're also given an "MOD Student Survival Book" which includes more offers such as free pizza. How perfect for a little mid term pick-me-up when your money starts to run low.

Kasbah just got even better as well, as the MOD team are going to be there handing out 15,000 free pizza vouchers, so keep an eye out for them. But make sure to put the vouchers somewhere safe, trust me, sober you will be thankful the next day.

There is also an exclusive "freshers feast" event which will be happening, so keep an eye out around campus for more info on that one.