We didn’t wear makeup on a night out in Cov and here is what we learned

Would actually recommend

First and foremost, this is an ode to all girls and the beauty that is self confidence, no matter how much or how little makeup you wear. Three of us decided to undertake a fun (read: terrifying) experiment – a proper night out in Cov, sans makeup. No falsies, no foundation, no safety blanket.

Secondly, a big fuck you to the main inspiration for this experiment: The boy from Tinder that called one of the girls in this article less attractive without her eyebrows done. If you don't like her at her thin 90s brows then you don't deserve her at her bushy 2019 brows.

Less time getting ready means more time predrinking

So this is how the other half of the population live? Save your expensive, high quality Mac and Morphe palettes for Kasbah. This is JJ's, use those extra p's to buy drinks or satisfy your post-sesh munchies. Going makeup-less means a shower and a quick shave, no more having to spend an hour beating your face while everyone else is downstairs already halfway into a bottle of Disaronno.

You will feel like everyone is looking at you

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With all those bright lights on, you look around and there’s all these people with amazing make up. At first it feels like everyone is fit apart from you. With their winged liner and highlighter, what have you got to compete? Natural skin and eye bags.

Has everyone noticed you or are you just paranoid? Power through it with a little help from liquid courage (a double vodky cran) and the smooth smooth sound of Beyonce.

Somehow you'll still spend the same amount of time in the toilets

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Granted, for once you’ve not got to worry about your eyeliner smearing or your foundation melting off at the first dribble of voddy down your chin.

But, you’ve yet to master not taking selfies in the inception-like mirrors in JJ's toilets or convening for a deep meaningful chat in the three-person toilet in Kasbah. Wearing equal or less parts makeup won’t change how you broke the seal at pres and have peed once every half hour since 9pm.

Pulling isn’t impossible

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Despite what you might assume, you are no more likely to pull without makeup on than with it. One of us managed to pull not once, not twice, but three times!

She had a boy buy her a drink, gave out her Snapchat and had a nice little (it was actually quite large) smooch with some tall, dark, and handsome stranger. Your makeup-less self on a night out holds more power than you think, she truly is an enigma.

You stop caring

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We started the night feeling very naked and very exposed. We didn’t have our perfect eyebrows and fleeky eyes, instead we had spots and uneven skin tone.

After a lot of alcohol and a lot of dancing we stopped giving a shit. Nobody really cares what you look like anyway and those who do are too drunk to even notice anyway. We are powerful women and eventually we did not care what anybody thought of us, at all.

Self-confidence is key

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Sure, there’s not much that can beat the feeling of perfectly sculpted brows and contour that could cut glass. But loving the way you look and being comfortable in your own skin is so much more important. Whether fully glammed up or hungover with zero makeup and a pimple reminiscent of Mt. Vesuvius on your chin, you deserve to be confident.

Somewhere between that second shot of tequila and ending the night with our head in the toilet bowl (as usual), we forgot we weren’t wearing makeup. Forgot we look washed up and washed out. It was replaced with confidence where we really shouldn't have it – in our horrid dance moves. Turns out the sprinkler won’t be back in style for a while.

You can get straight into bed

The final yet foremost reason for a makeup-less night out. We’ve all been there. You get in from a night out and rather than get into bed, you have to spend 10 minutes wiping off your make up so you don’t get a break out or wake up and hate yourself for leaving your face on.

The relief we felt when coming home and just jumping straight into bed was beautiful. No dirty make up wipes or micellar water just us, our beds and pillows. What more could a girl want?