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‘I’ve had 30 student customers in the last year’: Confessions of a Sugar Daddy

He dated a Coventry drop out

Seeking Arrangements is a website made for young girls to "fund" their lifestyles. In exchange, they offer "companionship" to their sponsor.

Last week, we interviewed an ex Coventry student about her experiences as a Sugar Baby. This week, we got in contact with one of her former Sugar Daddies (he also asked for anonymity).

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The home page of Seeking Arrangements

How old are you and how old are the girls you go for?

I’m 62 and I do not even respond to any girl under the age of 18. 18 is the minimum I’ve been with and the youngest I could ever go for.

If people argued that there could be a psychological link with being a 'Paedophile' because you are attracted to girls more than half your age, what would you say back?

I am not a Paedophile because I don’t date children, nor do I see girls under 18. Upon first meet, I ask the girls to bring ID and, as travelling together is part of the arrangement, I see their passport in advance. Trying to call me a Paedophile is a ridiculous statement.

What caused you to become a sugar daddy?

Well, my friend at work was talking to me about his own experience with a younger woman. It made me realise that my wife and I don’t have as much spark as we did when we first met. I just wanted to feel younger again and I feel like my wife doesn’t appreciate me or my money anymore, so I would rather spend time with someone who does, even if that means paying them

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'Mutually beneficial relationships'

Are you still on Sugar Daddy websites? If so, how many girls do you meet?

I pay a monthly membership and it has definitely been worth my while. I have met over 45 girls in the last year, 30 or so of whom were university students.

You say you’re married. Why don’t you divorce your wife and do this full time?

I have kids and also divorce is too expensive. My wife is more like my friend and I am way too secretive for her to ever find out. Although she’s my friend, I love her very much and I wouldn’t want to hurt her. I don’t want to do this full time because my wife loves me and these girls don’t. I know that, but hey, it’s all part of the adrenaline.

What would you do if you found out your daughter was doing this?

I would feel deceived. I know I sound like a hypocrite but that's my baby. I couldn’t let her do this for money. I would expect her to ask me. I would rather not go in too much detail about my personal life, if that’s okay.

Do you feel like this is a waste of your hard-earned money?

Not really, because I take it that I’m helping people as well as making new friends that are giving me the attention I don’t receive in my marriage. I also feel much younger.

Will you ever stop?

If my marriage restores, then maybe I will. It's hard because my wife isn’t exactly 25, so I’m not as attracted to her as I was in the past.