Which iconic Vine is your Cov Uni halls?

You can’t say you haven’t wondered

This is the ultimate ranking of uni halls. You don't care where they are, you don't really care how much they cost. All you want to know is what vine they are. Then you can rest happily with your halls of choice.

If it's not a good vine it's just embarrassing. You might as well leave uni at this point. Give up, get gone.

Singer Hall – HizZUK

Considering the sheer amount of vermin in and around Singer, including but not limited to silverfish infestation, this vine is an obvious choice.

Millenium View – I'm washin me and my clothes

We are basing this entirely on that one time that it flooded.

Liberty Point – Wow

When you walk past everyone smoking in the alley.

Gosford Gate – It's Wednesday my dudes

This is the Gosford residents getting ready for a wild Wednesday. Or just getting ready to watch the carnage unfold through their windows.

Quadrant Hall – Completely giving up on life

Quadrant is sad and you have no friends. Sorry guys this is a fact.

Priory Hall – Fuck your chicken strips

This is Priory residents responding to the food in The Hub. RIP, sorry you chose catered.

Callice Court – We're all children of Jesus

An accurate representation of a Callice party.

Apollo Works – Russian kid dancing to sandstorm

This is everyone in Apollo on a Friday before Kasbah (including the security).

Student house – Fuck this shit I'm out

You didn't choose this. Simple as that.

Raglan House – I'm an adult virgin

Good luck trying to get a girl to come back to your room in Raglan. It ain't gonna happen.