Kate Middleton and Prince William are visiting Cov Uni this month!

Bump into them and ask them to pay off your student loan lol

Kensington Palace have confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince William, will be visiting Coventry on the 16th January.

The purpose of the visit is for the royal couple to see the highlights of the future UK City of Culture, including Coventry University, Coventry Cathedral and the Positive Youth Foundation, a charity focused on helping young people in Cov.

If we got to pick the highlights, though, Kate and Will would be visiting Kebab Rush and Quids Inn, not the boring old cathedral.

After starting their tour of Coventry at the cathedral, Prince William and Kate will go on to open the brand new Health and Life Sciences building at Cov Uni, which cost a whopping £59 million to build.

That £59 million could have been used to make the meal deals cheaper at Cost Cutter but whatever – we’re not salty about it.

But, more importantly, the 16th January is a Tuesday so we just want to know… will the Duke and Duchess be down for Boom Tuesdays?

Coventry University