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We asked Cov freshers why they love Kebab Rush so much

En route back from JJ’s on a Tuesday? K-rush has you sorted

This is an ode to Kebab Rush, Coventry's number one favourite kebab shop. Students continue to flock to the beacon of light in a sea of deadlines, no matter the hour.

Whether it's for the fast in fast food, the random sink in the corner or the fact that "bossman" will remember your order no matter what, you keep coming back.

Kebab Rush is not only loved for its cuisine, but for its location. It is conveniently located right next to three of the main Coventry University halls (so is Benny's, but let's not talk about that). So we decided to ask all of the first years inside Kebab Rush just why they love it SO much. This is what they had to say.

Ryan, Gregor, Joseph, and Joe

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Cov's answer to the Inbetweeners

Despite it only being 11 pm, these lads were already taking Kebab Rush by storm. Ryan, an Aerospace student feels that Kebab Rush holds "a certain convenience" unlike any of the other eight chicken shops that grace Gosford St. He thinks it's "cheap and local" and, what's his favourite meal? "Chicken strips".

Gregor, on the other hand is "more of a fillet burger boy" and insists that just mayo is the is secret to what makes the Kebab Rush Fillet Burger a step above the rest. He was very serious on the "just mayo" rule. Very.

All the boys agree on one thing though, Kebab Rush is "quality food with good service".

Jacob, Sarah, and Tom

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Ah, that post-UV-paint-party glow

These students were too broke to afford meals of their own so decided to share a portion of chips. This was an incredibly depressing sight.

Jacob, Sarah, and Tom all live in Callice Court want everyone to know that the secret to Kebab Rush's greatness is that it is fundamentally "cheap and local" and that's all that really matters to freshers.

Will, Helena, and Tommy

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These three are confident that Kebab Rush is "miles better" than its two doors down rival, Benny's.

Helena, who opted for a solo portion of chips, is confident that Kebab Rush serves "better quality late night post revision food" than Benny's whilst Tommy claimed that there's "less chance of food poisoning". That's better reason than any, isn't it?

Henry, Lucy, and Andy

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Andy (far left) was a man with his priorities in order. He had just left JJ's and claimed he made a "tactical decision" to leave his friends and get Kebab Rush instead.

Henry describes Kebab Rush as a "mixture of hunger and practicality" and his specific K Rush preference is always "eight wings and chips". Which he also found so spicy that he had to pop next door and pick up a pint of milk to quell the intense heat. Peak.

Donnell and Callum

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Donnell wanted everyone to know that he and his boys have spent "bare p's in here" and that it's a great chicken shop because it's close to home, home being Callice Court.

Callum wanted us to know that it's "good tasty food" and that nothing beats munching on those spicy wings at 4am. The boys are obviously big into their sauces and were very keen to be papped.

Overall the resounding opinions from Cov Uni freshers is that Kebab Rush is a nearby and low priced source of peng food, especially for drunk stomachs. And as opposed to it's absolutely clapped rival Benny's, it will always be Cov students' first choice.