This is what your favourite Welsh rugby player says about you

If you’re the Will Rowlands of the friend group, we all love you


Rugby season is back in full swing and as a student in Wales, this is something you are required to celebrate no questions asked.

The Welsh Autumn Nations squad has recently been released and the tournament it set to start next week, so what better way to get in the rugby spirit than to match your favourite team member to your personality? It’s what the boys would have wanted, really.

Ken Owens

If your favourite is Ken everything you do is a two-man job, including attending lectures. You and your bestie are ultimate goals and definitely have a Claire’s best friend necklace together. Your weekends consist of going for pints in Walkabout and ending the night by 10pm on Chippy Lane.

Dillion Lewis

You’re the class clown, always wanting to be centre of attention. You can usually be found stumbling out of Boom Battle Bar after a long night filled with sugar tits cocktails and mini golf. Those dragon tattoos never go to waste, though, as you’ll be spending most of your night chatting to the woman selling perfumes and flipflops in the toilet while you desperately try to place the dragon in the centre of your forehead.

Ben Carter

You went to private school and have been telling everyone since the day you moved into Taly Gate. You refuse to do your weekly shop anywhere other than M&S, but settle for Sainsbury’s if you really have to. When dragged into spoons (obviously not your first choice) the only acceptable drink is a Gordon’s lemon gin and lemonade, or slim-line tonic. You’re also a complete liability on St Mary’s Street as you just can’t say no to a flower crown, leaving you broke at the end of the night.

Alun Wyn Jones

If this Welsh icon is your favourite, you’re also an icon. Much like AWJ himself, you’re loved by all and will never end the night with the same group you started with. You love the Philharmonic with your two for one mojitos (usually bought by someone else), but Bingo Lingo night is always the highlight of your year. You go absolutely feral for the prizes and definitely spend all your free time practicing your twerking in the mirror so you can win that Toy Story backpack you’ve had your eye on.

Jac Morgan

Wednesday night is the entire reason you came to uni and you just scream Sports Sec. Your days are spent at the gym and you’ll never be seen without a protein shake, no matter how annoyed your housemates get when you take up all the cupboard space when you bulk buy online. You always leave starting your assignments until the night before they are due but somehow manage to pass every time, it’s a bit annoying really.

Kieran Hardy

You’re a homebody through and through. You’re always homesick even though you’re straight on the train home on Friday afternoon and don’t come back until the latest possible time on Sunday. Whilst you love being home, you hate missing out on anything your friends are up to so are always on the group chats and will be the first person to swipe up to your friends’ stories. You always get the most attention on a night out and your degree is probably primary education.

Tomos Williams

Gassy’s is your second home purely because you never quite make it to the city centre when planning a night out. You’re the first to call it ‘chilled drinks’ and claim that one is your limit for the night, but that lasts all of two seconds when you see the five for £5 deals on shots and can’t resist getting a tray for the table. Whilst you can fool many with your quiet front, you definitely get rowdy after a couple of drinks with your mates and are need to be restrained from jumping up on the bar in Coyote Ugly.

Rhys Priestland

You need at least two days’ notice before going out to plan your weekly hair wash, shave, and tan routine, you won’t be caught dead on a night out with tiger bread tan. You take the longest to get ready out of all your friends and are always late for pres, but there’s always enough time to take it way too far and have an ABBA sing-song. It doesn’t matter that it’s freezing outside; there’s no way you’re covering that fresh tan with a jacket, the alcohol at pres will keep you warm, right?

Nick Tompkins

You’ve consistently attended every YOLO since your first week at uni but somehow never make it to your Thursday 9ams. A typical YOLO begins with you losing everyone you came with in the first 5 minutes but you probably don’t even notice. You live for the cringey pop songs and know every word to Baby by Justin Bieber (including the rap). The night ends with the security practically dragging you out as you must be the last one on the dance floor with your blue VK. The night isn’t complete without a stop in T&As just so you can feature in one of Omar’s TikToks with your cheesy chips.

Owen Watkins

You’re here for the course, not the social life. You take being a module rep very seriously and care about students’ opinions. You’re never late for those all-important lectures and make sure you’re there at least 30 minutes early for the best seat at the front. If you’re not in your uni building, you can be found in the arts and social library all day even before term starts. Although people make fun of you slightly, you’re the real winner when you can have a full night’s sleep as your essay was submitted at least a month before the deadline.

Josh Adams

The taxi there is arguably your favourite part of a night-out; you make a B-line for the front seat no questions asked and end up being besties with the driver by the end. Your go-to drink for running riots around Pryzm is a vodka Red Bull, but that energy has to go somewhere and usually ends in a fight on chippy lane because someone cut the queue.

Leigh Halfpenny

While you’d rather silently bop your head instead of going feral on the dancefloor, you’re not actually that shy once people get to know you and your banter is top tier. You’re not really much of a drinker, however you can be easily convinced to do a shot (even if the face you make is as iconic as Kim K’s crying face.) You’re low-key the best looking in your group, although you would never admit it. Despite this, you always seem to be unwell, whether it’s fresher’s flu or just a hangover, and you will never suffer in silence.

Louis Rees-Zammit

The whole purpose of a night out for you is to flirt with everyone you see. You’re such a charmer, and are fully aware that everyone fancies you. You never miss a sport social of any kind and whatever sport you play is your only personality trait. You’re very confident and like to think you’re a top drinker but are actually always the biggest lightweight. Although you love the attention of the opposite sex, you live by the quote ‘bros before hoes’ and would much prefer a night out with your friends over a date night. Your degree is definitely sport science (or something with sport in the title.)

Will Rowlands

You’re the mum of the group, and are loved by everyone’s parents precisely for that reason. You always end up putting your friends to bed at the end of the night and spend most of the night holding back people’s hair over the toilet. You go full influencer mode when it comes to documenting the night by turning your Snapchat private story into a vlog channel. You give the best motivational speeches in the toilets and know every strangers love life in there down to the last detail. You’re the first to wake up for the morning debrief, fresh as a daisy with no hangover.

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