Here’s what Mark Drakeford has said about vaccinations and the Delta variant in Wales

Wales have moved into level one from 7th June

Mark Drakeford has updated the people of Wales about the coronavirus situation, specifically regarding vaccinations in Wales and the ongoing Delta variant.

He announced on Monday 7th June that by the following week, Monday 14th June, every eligible person over the age of 18 is expected to have been offered a vaccination. He added that by the end of September, those who have had their first dose will receive a second one.

Drakeford then addressed the Delta variant stating that currently there are 97 confirmed cases in Wales, and evidence suggests this variant is 40 to 60 per cent more transmissible than the Alpha variant, also known as the Kent variant.

He also stated that there are 54 confirmed, probable or possible cases of the Delta variant in the Conwy area in North Wales. This outbreak has caused over 300 people to self isolate.

During the announcement Drakeford said: “Wales has one of the best Covid vaccination programmes in the world” and is “leading the world in terms of percentage of our population, who have been vaccinated”.

Due to Wales now being level one it means that larger groups are allowed outdoors. This primarily affects spectators at outdoor events as concerts and sporting activities can once again resume.

You can read more about the updated guidelines here.

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