So many Senedd members are previous Cardiff Uni students and staff

The Senedd Cymru is the Welsh Parliament and legislative body

The latest Senedd election took place on 6th May 2021 to democratically elect 60 members to the Welsh parliament. Over one-third of the elected members are closely related to Cardiff University—primarily, as part of the institution’s staff or student body.

Cardiff University said: “We’re incredibly proud of the achievements of our alumni that have recently been elected or re-elected as members of the Senedd. Of the 60 Members of the sixth Senedd, 22 have close links to Cardiff University and are either alumni, Honorary Fellows, or former staff members.”

“We look forward to working with them closely over the years ahead on matters of public policy and to ensure that our world-leading research can assist policy-makers with their decisions.”

Here’s a breakdown a few members of the Senedd, who are also Cardiff University alumni:

Mark Drakeford

Drakeford was a former Professor of Social Policy and Applied Social Sciences. He worked at Cardiff University between 2003 and 2013, and has been re-elected as First Minister.

Vaughan Gething

Gething was appointed as Economy Minister by Mark Drakeford (the First Minister). He graduated from Cardiff in 2001 with an LLB.

Baroness Eluned Morgan

Eluned graduated in 2012 with Honours from Cardiff University. She has been named Minister for Health and Social Services.

Mick Antoniw

Mick has been appointed as both Counsel General designate and Minister for the Constitution. In 1979, he graduated from Cardiff with an LLB.

Julie Morgan

Morgan graduated with a PGDip in 1967, and has recently been appointed as Deputy Minister for Social Services.

Elin Jones and David Rees

Elin has become the Llywydd of the Sixth Senedd (the Presiding Officer) whilst David will serve as her Deputy. They graduated in 1987 with a BSc, and in 1980 with a BSc respectively.

Sarah Murphy

Sarah is a new member of the Senedd, and represents the Welsh Labour Party. She is currently undertaking research at the Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University.

Plaid Cymru 

Rhys ab Owen, Luke Fletcher, Sioned Williams and Cefin Campbell (a previous lecturer at Cardiff University) were elected for Plaid Cymru—a Welsh nationalist and social democratic political party.

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