A guide to your ultimate lockdown Galentines

Lucky for you Lidl Prosecco is still an essential item


So this year may be a little different… we can’t exactly go wild running around the SU, but it doesn’t have to be any less adorable. There are still so many ways to have a wholesome day with your gals and pals, whilst sticking to the rules, and we’ve got some tips. So grab the face masks, Prosecco and start blasting out the Beyoncé because we’re going to have a great day no matter what.

Bottomless Brunch – who needs Turtle Bay?

Smash those avos, fry those eggs and add that tiny drop of orange juice into your Prosecco so it’s acceptable to drink at 11am. Everybody loves brunch, and making is boozy can only make it better. Even if you’re isolating you deserve a morning of luxury. We may not be able to have a wholesome breakfast at the Early Bird this year, or get glammed up for a boozy brunch in town, but we can quite literally get all the ingredients to still make this a brill morning with the ladies.

Your daily walk – filled with instagrammable content of course

No matter what you’re doing getting some fresh air is going to make you feel better, and chances are making yourself feel cute will help too. Put on that new coat you didn’t need to buy from the ASOS sale and get outside. Grab an adorable insta-worthy hot chocolate from a local take away café, listen to ‘The Girls Bathroom’ podcast, or get your housemates to snap some wholesome content for the gram so people know you’re not at home crying into a tub of ice cream singing ‘All By Myself’ Bridget Jones style. Whatever you do, the fresh air will do you good.

At home spa day – because a day of love calls for self care

We’re all missing the little luxuries, fresh blow drys, visits to Nailsbyfloz, and that orange pre-night out glow. But we can still do a lot of this at home and feel 10000x better for it. Cosy up with the girls, paint your nails, put on a face mask, smother yourself in St Moriz and remind yourself what a bad bitch you are.

Dinner time – finally put all those charcuterie board TikToks to use

No matter what you’re eating it deserves to be a treat. Order yourselves a massive pizza, cook a steak dinner and don’t skimp on the peppercorn sauce, or become your very own Emma Chamberlain and try to make an adorable little cheese board like you’ve seen all over Tik Tok and Kylie Jenners stories.

Cocktail Night – this definitely calls for an martini

Not only are you celebrating your singleness, your celebrating almost a year of being single in a global pandemic so cocktails are 100% necessary. Shake up your best sex on the beach, cosmos or martinis because you deserve it. Get dressed up, take some instas to show everybody what they’re missing and generally have the most fabulous night! Just make sure you’ve got the Lizzo on full volume.

Whatever you do, take this years galentines to celebrate you being a bad bitch and to appreciate those around you, even if they’re via FaceTime, that fill your life with love. Happy Galentines! <3

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