From snowtinis to hot chocs: We went in search of Cardiff’s best Christmas drink

A gift from me to you x

Christmas drinks tend to be a bit of a controversial one. They can be sickly, sweet and seriously spenny. With less than a month to go and in the Christmas spirit, we took on the hard task of trying the festive drinks of Cardiff (you’re welcome). Even in rona times, it seems like more venues than ever have released festive drink options on their menus this year.

From gingerbread lattes to espresso martinis with a twist, here’s our review of this year’s Christmas classics…

7/10 for Hoffi Coffi’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate

We visited student hotspot Hoffi Coffi, with loyalty cards in hand, for this festive drink. Coming in at £3.30, the hot chocolate was smooth without being too overwhelming in flavour – and so starts us off with a solid effort that we think Terry would be proud of. Is it even Christmas without a chocolate orange in your stocking? I think not.

However, we were somewhat disappointed by the lack of a festive cup. 🙁

Costa’s The Purple One Quality Street Latte scored an 8/10

The chain’s extensive Christmas menu had to make at least one appearance on this list. This is a drink that tastes as good as it looks. We will ALWAYS support a Christmas drink where you can actually taste the coffee.

While obviously not on the same level as a toffee penny or green triangle, a full bonus point was awarded for the chocolate on the side – certainly making it worth the £3.40 we spent.

7/10 for Treetop Adventure Golf’s Espresso Snowtini

A bit of a rogue entry, but the combination was too good to resist. Sugar and coffee gave us a Buddy the Elf energy that we are here for. It was a bit expensive at £7.50, but that’s cocktails for you.

Overall, this was a sophisticated drink that’s sure to get you merry.

A 5/10 for 200 Degrees White Hot Chocolate

10/10 love for the heart, but the taste of pure milky bar was just a bit too sickly for our liking. It somewhat had ‘drinking a glass of milk’ vibes. But, if you have an intense sweet-tooth, maybe consider giving it a try. At £3.2o it was the cheapest of all the festive drinks we tried, but the quality was just not there for me, personally.

On this journey we’ve also learnt that disposable cups are just ugly and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Winter Wonderland’s Biscoff Hot Chocolate was a sad 5/10 too

I’m afraid to admit how much of a let-down this was, especially as it cost a pretty pricey £4. After getting over being catfished by the promise of a Biscoff biscuit that was nowhere to be seen, we came away from the experience £4 poorer with burnt tongues.

Brodies Coffee Co came through with its Vegan Hot Chocolate coming in at 9/10

There is a reason Brodies are known for having the best hot chocolates. Idk how but the vegan hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows tasted even better than the original, and came in on the cheaper end of the scale at £3.90. Tbh as a non-vegan I was wary, but I was honestly blown away.

An incredible vegan dark horse for all you plant-based people this festive season.

Another 9/10 for Stag Coffee’s Gingerbread Latte

FOUR mini gingerbread men made my morning. Super generous with the cream and a perfect festive flavour that wasn’t too overbearing, making it worth every penny (345 in total). Unlike some other options this latte was also great value for money.

Bonus point for the funky mug.

Winter Wonderland’s Mulled Wine was top of the tree this year, scoring 10/10

Everything we love about Christmas in a drink. Spicy, fruity and it warmed the soul. Winter Wonderland has redeemed itself with this classic. Flawless. It was slightly on the pricier side at £5, but you pay for what you get.

Treat yourself and have ten – it’s Christmas!

So there we have it folks, Cardiff’s best and worst Christmas bevs. I’m not saying we are bias, but ngl hot chocolates didn’t stand a chance against a mulled wine by the castle. The truth hurts.

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