There’s officially a chance for you to become Cardiff’s next star baker

Move over BNOC

Has this year’s 5 month lockdown seen your house filled with an array of freshly baked goods? 

Did you join in and whip up a beautiful banana bread or scrumptious sourdough loaf?

Do you fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood? (Sorry Prue) 

Well then, now is your chance to prove yourself and take part in The Great British Student Bake Off 2020 – from the comfort of your own home!

Cardiff University Baking Society is hosting a CU Summer Bake Off 2020: a virtual baking competition on Instagram (@cubakingsoc) where you can show of your baking prowess in the bid to win some tasty prizes! 

Other universities such as Birmingham, Lancaster and Plymouth are also taking part.

The 1st of August was the official beginning of CU Summer Bake Off 2020, with the first theme being  ‘Favourite Summer Bakes’. The society posed the question: “What is your idea of the ~perfect~ summer bake?”

You had until 3pm on the 7th of August to post a picture of your creation. However, if you’ve missed this week’s showstopper but still fancy yourself as a star baker, never fear because there are more chances to display your culinary brilliance in the weeks to come!

How to enter

Over the following weeks the society will be hosting more challenges. At the start of each week they will announce the theme, then you have the rest of the week to create you culinary delight and snap a mouth watering picture. You can submit your entry by tagging the society (@cubakingsoc ) and using the hashtag #CUSummerBakeOff2020. If your account is private you can also enter by sending your post via DM to the society.

At the end of each challenge, they will announce 3 winners.

For those of you who are highly competitive here is a sneak peak of at the competition…

So what could you win?

Well, other than the honour and prestige that comes with saying you are one of the elite group of Cardiff Star Bakers, the society have also teamed up with local bakery companies who are sponsoring the prizes.

These prizes will ensure that you won’t spend next week in front of a boiling oven, but barbecuing in Bute Park with the doughnuts and cheesecakes already catered for instead.

Check out this perfectly baked brownie by Elan (Cardiff University Student) – That goo is definitely hand shake worthy!

So, on that note…

On your marks,

Get set,


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