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We asked you the worst ways you’ve fucked over your housemates without them knowing

And you people are utter savages

Housemates are like marmite, you either love them or you hate them. But it is undeniable that moving into a house with people you've never lived with before (or have only lived with in halls) is definitely eye-opening.

They could be the messiest people you've ever come across with food all over the walls, shit stains on the toilet or leaving their entire belongings all around the house. Or, they could have severe OCD and if you so much as BREATHE in the room they've just cleaned you better expect the death stare.

But let's be real about this, we all want to come across as that chilled, no fucks given kinda student so we never confront our housemates. So how do we express our anger? We asked Cardiff students the times they've screwed over their housemates without them ever knowing.

My housemate kept stealing my milk so I put lemon juice in his and it curdled

Mmm, I bet the kitchen smelled good after this…

My flatmate and I send snaps of our genitals on each other when the other is asleep

There's no such thing as personal space in this uni house.

A week ago me and my girlfriend had sex in all 6 of her housemates' beds

Think you have fresh sheets? Think again my friends.

I got with my flatmate's friend when she came down for her birthday and didn't tell her

The birthday betrayal, is there any better way?

Topping up their pricey gin with water after helping myself

We've all done this and if you haven't then you're too nice for your own good.

Used their face towel for my feet as I stepped out of the shower

I guess if there's nothing else within reach then…

Drank their milk from the carton

A classic.

I smashed their mug and blamed the cleaner, I even wrote a fake apology note

I mean, a fake apology note?? Credit to the commitment to the lie.

Made them a meal with gone off chicken after they woke me up coming in from a night out. Needless to say they got food poisoning

Messing with someone's sleep is risky business.

I snapped his key after he made his girlfriend cry

If this isn't girl code then I don't know what is.

My housemate wanted pres during exams. I said no. So I took the fuse box out for the whole house

No means no lol.

I boiled their eggs and blew out the inside so the shell was intact and put them all back

This one takes some skill.

Just some quick tips, don't wake your housemates up during the night, make sure your face towel is away from the shower and FOR YOUR OWN SAKE HIDE YOUR PRICEY GIN.