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Cardiff gave History students incorrect marks on an essay and now they don’t know if they have a 2:1 or not

They won’t find out the correct marks for a week

Final year History students received incorrect essay marks on their transcript yesterday.

This means that some students who thought they got a 2:2 in their overall degree calculations may in fact have a 2:1.

An email sent by the department last night apologised for the error and acknowledged that a number of students had reported incorrect essay marks. The department said: "A number of students on HS1832 have reported incorrect marks on the essay component of the module.

"While we are not sure what has happened – tutors are expected to sign off marks as correct – after investigation we have corrected all the marks on the module".

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A final year History student affected by the error told The Cardiff Tab: "It made me uncertain about all my grades and if the degree classification I got was the right award.

"I'm still unsure as I haven't been sent an updated transcript and I may receive a different classification than the one that I originally thought. After three years of SHARE I shouldn't have expected different really".

He added: "I've just been told from a fellow student who's affected that we'll be getting new transcripts next week – so we'll be in limbo over our degree classification until then. She thinks she'll be getting a 2:1 instead of a 2:2. She's almost certain her classification has changed."

It has not been officially confirmed when the correct marks will be released.